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Buy Local! Calia Hair Care

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CaliaAs I’ve said before, my travels have taught me so many things and have really influenced the way I choose to live now that I am home.

One of the things I noticed while I was away was the appreciation for all things local. Whether it was local dairy in Ireland, locally made soap in France, or locally crafted beer in Germany, each country seemed to have such pride for what they produce. Familiarizing myself with such products was such a joy and I learned so much about each region this way.

We live in a country that imports just about everything and it is pretty easy to make purchases without paying much attention to where things come from. But where is the fun in being a mindless consumer supporting large international corporations when there is so much joy to be had in discovering what local, independent businesses have to offer?

I’ve decided to set out and find local versions of many of the products I use, from toiletries to coffee and even clothing! In doing this, I am finding some incredibly cool things that are made right here in Vancouver.

This brings me to my latest local purchase – Calia shampoo and conditioner. Made in my city, Vancouver, BC, this all natural, organic shampoo is not only good for you and good for the environment, it’s inexpensive and it does wonders for the hair.

I’ve had a hard time with my hair in the past few years. I went through a pretty unhealthy period and as a result, my hair became incredibly dry and fell out like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve got incredibly fine hair to begin with, much to my chagrin, but I’ve been using Calia for a few months now and I’ve noticed a big difference in the fullness, shine and tone of my hair. Thanks to this product and a diet abundant in healthy fats, my hair seems to be on the mend.

The stuff also smells great. Mine is scented with lavender bergamot and rose Geraniumbut calia and made from wholesome ingredients like chamomile, Echinacea, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I love that I can read through the ingredients and actually know what they are!  

If you want to check out Calia products, visit

So go ahead, rummage through your hair care products and do a little research to see what goodies are made in your area!

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